10/2021 Updates on iPad - sidebars disappear in edit view

Hi there, I am loving the newest updates of features. However, I do have one area of feedback. I use Dabble primarily on my iPad, and the mobile version seems to force close the sidebars while in edit mode. I really liked it before how you had the option to view sidebars or, for more focus, to hide them. But now, even if I wanted to have my scene notes there to the side, I am unable on iPad. (Edit to add I have realized that comments will show up in edit mode, at least the comments I make while in edit. I still cannot seem to find a way to view my scene notes from my plot grid while in edit on mobile.)

I realize this may be a difficult issue to address, since the mobile version encompasses both phones and tablets. But I just figured I’d share my initial impression. Thank you for all your work on this platform and for the wonderful features and updates that rolled out today.

Edit: Also adding a note that the sticky note layer, while in edit mode on mobile, seems to have a glitch as well. They do not line up in the correct place and even get pushed beyond the bottom of my pages. (Image 1: Scene in view mode. Image 2: Scene in edit mode, sticky note pushed somehow way to the bottom and beyond the page.)

Anyway, I only share this to help with possible glitches or bugs and help improve this software that I really love. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Hi Dabble Team,

I just wanted to share that I’m having the same issue. If it would be possible to change this setting for iPadOS so that the side bars can be viewed while drafting, that would be appreciated. It’s very unpleasant to have to draft without the side bars.

Edited to add: it’s very appreciated to have the side bars disappear while in iOS (phone software) and not good to have the side bars disappear while in iPadOS (iPad software). Just to clarify.

Hi Chelsea,

Looks like the sidebars disappearing has been fixed? At least it has for me. Just wanted to let you know. :slight_smile:

Thank you Dabble team!

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Thanks so much! It’s fixed for me too! Still a few other mobile bugs but I love that they fixed that so quickly. Thanks for the heads up.