18+ Content

Who else here writes content for 18+? Would love to meet new friends and be able to brainstorm and really help each other work our way through the journey of writing.

My material is 18+ in terms of, well, in terms of everything except pornography. I’m writing for adults, if that’s what you’re talking about. As opposed to YA readers, some of whom might read my story.

What are you working on, and what type of interaction are you looking for? I see you posted a week ago and nobody’s responded, which is strange, don’t you think?

I’m actually working on some erotica material. I’m new here, so I don’t know what’s really weird. I just wanted to find a community of writers that wrote similar things to myself.

Are you writing romance or just erotica? What stage are you in? I write all sorts of Romance.

I’m working on a mxbxm book it’s a werewolf poly story and it’s really erotic but also I think it’s a good read