2.2.14 & 2.2.15


  • minor updates


  • fixed today written counts on multiple devices
  • fixed all project counts
  • fixed all split chapter reversing the order of scenes

Hi Dabble Team,

I’ve recently been having an issue with being able to drag and drop scenes and chapters to re-order them. They’re just not budging. I think it started around when this latest release came out in December. I’m just curious if this is a known issue/will there be an upcoming fix for it?

This issue has been consistent on both my iPad and Linux PC.

Thank you!

It’s best to contact support for these types issue. We can help you better when we can access more things. But you can go to preferences and delete application cache see if that helps if you think it came from a recent release. If that doesn’t work give us a shout in support chat in the app or an email at support@dabblewriter.com.