A few technical questions

Good morning folks,

I’ve got a few questions and it didn’t look like they’d been asked before, so I hope I’m not being repetitive.

1: I was trying to click on a misspelled word to fix it and I managed to accidentally add it to the dictionary. I’ve looked and can’t seem to find the list of added words anywhere, is that something we have access to or am I out of luck there?

2: As I was trying to figure out the above problem, I opened the comment section over a word, which shifted the entire story off center to the left. This is entirely cosmetic and yet it is just bugging me to no end for some reason, and I’m just wondering if there is a way to recenter it or if that change is permanent. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but thought I’d ask.

Thanks in advance for any answers, and happy easter!


Dictionary maintenance which will allow you to edit your added words is in the next release which is currently being beta tested. It is due to be released shortly.

As regards the main editor shifting I think is due to the right enlarging to show the comments. You can choose not to show the comments using the eye symbol at the bottom of the far right hand menu.


I appreciate the speedy reply, Andrew. That’s great news, I’ll keep my fake-word on a post-it until then.

I tried the eye symbol and that entered me into focus mode, which kept things off center and kept the comment displayed. Along the right-side bar there was an icon that looked like a text comment box labeled “hide comments” which I somehow missed previously. That one worked and everything centered itself again (Only adding that in case someone else has the same issue I had).

Thanks again, my friend

Yes, you’re right I indicated the wrong icon to you, it should be the comments button to hide them. Wasn’t thinking clearly!

Glad you sorted it.

There’s all sorts of goodies in the next release.

Dictionary maintenance is now live In latest release.

Thank you for the update, Andrew. On the off chance someone is searching for the dictionary list and found their way here, it is near the bottom of Preferences.

Take care!