About me? Do you really want to

You say “to introduce yourself.” Testing, testing. (Taps on the mike) is the mike on.
Hi, I’m Dorine, but will be using the pen name Julianne, in my writing and possibly DJ. I haven’t decided on that part.
I am a writer, who hates to read, there I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I do read. How else would I get my information and learning.
I sure most of us on here are mostly introverts. I am probably the most introverted person on here.

 Oh, you want to here about my writing and when I started using dabble. I started using dabble a few months ago. This site as help me write more and I prefer it over scrivener. I have thought about giving it another try, (scrivener) but I am sticking with Dabble.

Without it, I wouldn't have gotten as far in my writing as I have.

6000 words left of 50,000 word story.
I have written over several stories over the course of my life, sad to say none are published. I am going to change that. It is time to break the ice, and make myself known.

Here's what I like to write, I focus mostly on fantasy stories, but I enjoy horror and sci-fi. I written poems, lyrics, playwrights and screenplays. I would like to try my hand at Manga and (what is it called) graphic writing.

Okay, by. Walks away from the mike.

Yeah, my grammar sucks.
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Fortunately Dabble includes ProWritingAid spelling and grammar checking.
Say goodbye to poor grammar.


Yep I know I leave it on all the time now so I can correct them as I go along. I hate the squiggles.

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