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Trying desperately to find a setting for this but I can’t so here I am, may be an error (user or program idk).

When I’m writing if I go back to fix an error there is a space glitch happening? For examples sake I’m changing 'he to ‘she’ in the section ‘he said then’ if I start at the s in said and remove the word, and then type in she and place the appropriate space it looks like this ‘she saidthen’ instead of ‘she said then’ and the space issue as I correct it will populate to the next word all the way down the sentence until it hits a punctuation mark.

Am I missing something? Is this a user error? It’s driving me crazy and help is greatly appreciated!

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Im vannessa afton im 30 my broter’s is mike and C.C afton and my sister is liz afton and Dark afton