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Accent marks for my fancy words

I only have a couple - dierrere and touche - how do I put the grave marks above the e’s? I’ve tried multiple things, all of which do not work. I couldn’t find anything in the forum. I thought I asked this before but can’t find it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 I use for writing. I tried the ALT and the numbers. Nothing works. Any suggestions?


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Alt+0233 gives you é You can put them in from your character map on windows

I don’t know how the netbooks work. That is usually a keyboard thing.

sometimes if you hold the key down it brings up options.

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I tried something similar. I’ll try again. There’s got to be a way. Thanks!

This may or may not help.

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é ta da!..thanks

Nice!! I’ll try that - I couldn’t find anything when I searched. Thanks so much!