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Is there any way to add pictures to Dabble? I created a mockup of a cover. I have pictures that are inspiration for my characters. Can these be added in here?


At this time there is not. You can sometimes copy html with pictures in it and it will display in your notes. But it only works when you paste into note.

Images in notes is on the near future list. But Cover art is further down the list.


It would also be good to create sketches

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This is something that really disappointed me about the Dabble program, despite the fact that I love everything about it … the inability to add photos while creating character sketches. BUT I JUST FIGURED IT OUT

If you go to the picture, copy it, then paste it into the “notes” under ‘characters’, it will work!! I feel like I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work, and now it does. I’m so happy!!!


Images are being worked on at the moment and will I think be in the next update from I’ve been led to believe. :blush:


When we release images, this method won’t work in the future. It currently works though as an alternative in notes. As Andrew said we are working on this now and images will be added in our next release.


Y’all are amazing! Thanks

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