Adding scenes to existing chapter text

integration/addition of scenes to a chapter. I have a ton of scenes under each chapter and i am trying to integrate the scenes into the existing text in the chapter. im exhauted trying to make it work as per the directions.
PS. I’m a newbie and on the free 2 weeks plan. It’s supposed to offer access to all functions of Dabble.

Simply click on the three dots menu in the left hand navigation panel of the scene you wish to merge and select merge scene, thus will give you the option to you merge it with the scene above or below. You can repeat this until you have combined all the scenes.

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Tried it many many many times --it will not work. I’m Exhausted trying to make it work. Does dabble have the ability to visit my site to figure out what is wrong?

I suggest you contact them directly, there is an option on the Help menu. They are really helpful.

They invited me to a get to Know Dabble session
This Friday and I said OK

Peter B