Adding tags/labels to characters, places etc.?

Sorry if I can’t find a way to do this but I would like to add a tag or label to things. For instance add relationship tags between various characters, or add a label to locations.

What’s the best way of doing this in Dabble?


Hej Mark,

This is not currently a feature in Dabble, but certainly planned! Take a look at the roadmap. E.g. sticky notes, color labels for plot cards etc.

I typically use the plot grid for these things, i.e., I have a dedicated plot line for places, one for people, one for relationships. So, in every scene, there is a note I can quickly check for reference or complete with new info and ideas.

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Hey Chris

Thank you for your helpful reply. I must admit I missed that feature on the road map.

I like your suggestion about using the plot grid, I’ll give that a try instead of using a tag or label.



I will be releasing an update today which makes it easier to link between story notes. Just put the cursor where you want your story note linked, then drag-drop the story note (or scene, chapter, etc) from the left pane into your document. It will add the name linked to their URL.

You can also create links by selecting text in story notes and choosing the link icon, then copy-pasting a URL to another note into it. Each document in Dabble has a unique URL, so this works great.

Note that scenes cannot have links. I know some would like it for writing interactive fiction (choose-your-own-adventure style), but I’m not sure how that would export so haven’t supported it yet.

For example, on John Johnson’s character page you can link Sue Smith as his love interest and quickly navigate between them by clicking on the links.


I played with this a bit and here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you don’t have any text selected when dragging a story note on it. It will act as cut/paste and delete the selected text.
  • Think about where you want the notes to be. Dragging two notes into the same place will put them right next to each other with no spaces around them. It only allows you do insert a single space and that space will be part of one of the two links.
  • Pressing return in the middle or the end of a link keeps the link going which can be disconcerting. Perhaps pressing return can just skip to the end of the link?
    *You can change the text of the link after creating it. You probably won’t want to but it may happen accidently.
  • I use a Chromebook and have the app ‘installed’ so I don’t have the normal browser URL bar to copy from. However, there is a three vertical dots menu on the top bar that has a ‘Copy URL’ option and that worked nicely.