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Hi all,
just wondered if anyone’s got any ideas - forgive me if it’s already been asked! I’ve started a series of short stories (am on 5 of 15) and just realised that I could have done them as one project, which of course would have been much easier for looking back through and for reference as they’d all be nicely in the bar on the left - DOH!! :slight_smile: does anyone know if I can somehow copy and paste the others in to this project and keep the scene structure etc (they’re very short - between 7 and 10k)? Of course, going forward I’ll just add as I go (in fact have already titled 5 to 15 and set them up and can’t believe i missed this!). So I’ll easily be able to zoom thru 5 to 15 if i need to go back and check something, but would be great to get 1 to 4 in the same project - many thanks!


It’s ok thanks all! Just found a thread on it so have decided to do a load of copying and pasting - lesson learned tho!! :slight_smile:


Hej Jo_St,

great to know a fellow short storyist around!
I have two of those projects by now for
(1) development

  • unstarted ideas
  • unfinished work
  • in revision
  • “survivors” ready-to-submit

(2) published material.
I move all survivors that have been published into the latter project. This way, the length within one project is kept short enough to not make it too messy :slight_smile: .

Good luck and happy writing!

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Great thanks Chris!
I didn’t really get the project thing but now i’m seeing the value - especially for flitting about for reference etc. Plus, i’m realising i could have a kind of ghost/planning/development book mirroring the ‘clean’ book almost chapter by chapter or story by story if i wanted…and as you say, keep it all manageable and tidy - which in itself is a great step forward!! :slight_smile:


Indeed, on gathering/choosing the first stories to publish, I could easily move around stories (aka chapters) from different parts in a single project to check how it felt going from one to another and deciding on their sequence, checking a good mix of different lengths etc.

Well, my parents came up with a rating system and they made lots of suggestions on the sequence :smiley: .

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