Anit-Hero Protagonists

I’m going to start off my posts by saying: Anti-Hero Protagonists are my bread and butter.

Anti-Heroes catch my attention faster than typical heroes in any story because I like their indifference to do what’s right, but they end up doing it anyway.

But, here’s the thing. I don’t want to develop my main character Anti-Hero and have her turn out, in the end, to be a Hero. I want her to keep being the Anti-Hero of the novel long after it’s done.

Is there any advice on how to develop her in a way that retains all of her Anti-Hero-ness while still showing that she’s growing as a person into a sort-of-better person?

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I think when it comes to Anti-Hero’s you need to look at what they are at their core, so what trait is it in your character that is the epitome of their personality.

An example is that one of my Anti-Heroes is an Anti-Hero because he sees himself as the villain in the story, he feels like he has destroyed his own race etc. As the character develops he doesn’t really turn into a Hero because he doesn’t take the idealistic approach.

The Apathy you’re describing in characters is something that personally I would reccomend you try to explore, Maybe expand on it.

Say your character is apathetic to the general plight of the rest of your cast. Then I would have the character consistantly remind the reader, or in some cases the cast themselves that they’re not really that into it.

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