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Any interest in line and style advice from an editor?

I have a Google Doc I’m working on to gather my own line and style advice to help folks who can’t afford a line and style editor.

I could post what I have here if people are interested. There’s some swearing for comedic effect, but nothing too bad.


I’m would be interested in anything that will improve my writing, however if it contains profanity maybe check with @Jacob to see if and how he would like it posted.


Editing is the hardship for me … though I don’t necessary listen to advice :smiley: I would love to share thoughts on this.

On the other hand, I think that - as with any artform - it’s up to YOU as the artist how your final product looks and feels like.

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Sounds interesting, I’d be glad to read it!

Comedic swearing is fine by me. Much more creative than the usual stuff.

And who the fraggles fudged up this layout? Sack Zement!


You going to ever share that with us @Chet_Sandberg? :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I have that doc, but I also have an interview… It’s rambling (It could have used an editor…LOL!)

Line Editing

(That’s a hyperlink to the YouTube interview. Let me know if it’s helpful!)

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You totally have a gamer chair! #jealous

It’s funny because that’s not intentional. It was a good deal on Massdrop and it’s really comfortable.