Art (fan art and cover art)

I would love to see fan and and cover art! ::memo: :books:
If you know people who can do fan art and cover art please refer them to me. They need to be reasonably cheep (but still good) because I don’t have much money to put towards my book. Lets say between $20-$50.


Check Fiverr they have some crap shoots, but you can find some decent people there. I paid $300 for a rigged 3d model of my MC to use for my book covers.

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I used Dex Greenbright ( for my non-fiction book illustrations, including the one on the cover. The web site shows their other work. That amount will get you 30-60 minutes of design time. Fiverr will be your best bet at that price point, but I agree with AJ, it doesn’t always work. Everywhere else will be more expensive. Maybe try some of the graphic artist schools in your area? Good Luck!

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Thanks! I didn’t think of contacting someone at an art school.

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Cool! 3D you say? That could be interesting. Thanks for the advise I will try to contact him.

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fiverr is a website that you hire an artist, writer, developer etc to do your work for you. There is a lot to got hrough.

And yeah, I got a 3D model so I can pose him and get the book cover details myself without hiring a model to take pictures of. It’s not perfect, but we’ll see how it goes.

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For anyone who would be wondering the same questions, DAZ3D could be used to pose a model, it’s very easy and you only pay for the content you use, not the app itself. The content includes “presets” with humans (and other characters) which can be edited like a characters in a game; their clothing, poses, props etc.
The content stays yours forever after the purchase.

I were looking to create illustrations of my characters and here is an example of a finished art:

It’s DAZ (the human figure) + Photoshop

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That is pretty cool how much did the photoshop cost?

Adobe has moved some of their products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and a few others) to a subscription model. Cheaper to get into ($24/month for InDesign for me – I use it for covers, a bit of a discount I think for paying annually), you always have the latest version, but you pay forever. The upgrades are what make it worth it to me. I don’t use the features, but at least it will keep up with operating systems, web technology, etc. I don’t use it every month so I will be looking into stopping/starting the subscription as needed. Depends on how often I need to do a book cover. If you only need it for one project, the subscription is great – sign up for a month, do the work, stop the subscription.

I use it for work, so for me it’s basically free, but as another reply mentioned, Adobe now has a subscription (they had been milking it for a few years now, actually). I’ve heard good things about GIMP also, that it’s a free software and is getting more powerful every year, but haven’t used it myself.

There’s an added cost of stock imagery used in the art, in cases when it calls for a particular image that has to be purchased.

Here’s another human figure that is a DAZ render. I used a Photoshop tool called Digitalis Art on the figure, and everything else is stock photo manipulation.

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to Photoshop. Affinity Photo is $50. Designer which is vector graphics is $50. And they recently add Publisher to their line up for $50 (the inDesign equivalent). Publisher doesn’t do ebooks but it does handle Print to my knowledge.

I love Affinity. I’ve created my book covers with Affinity Photo and some other photo manipulations.

Affinity sounds nice and you did such a good job with it!

Mentioning vector graphics, InkScape is a free vector editor, it’s pretty decent now and even supports layers like commercial editors do.

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Yeah, Affinity does sound good. I really like the second picture with the fancy desk and computers.

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Thanks. I had a ton of fun making it. I’m gonna make a scene like that for my MC I think. Maybe one for my three main characters – soon as nano is over.