I use Scrivener for writing articles and it works really well. It seems from first look, that Dabble is only suitable for novels. Can anyone set me right? Is there a way to use Dabble for many stand alone pieces?


Hi Bev,

Dabble is developed with novelists in mind. So if you need twocolumn structures and the possibility to add pictures into the text flow, you’ll find it difficult to do that with Dabble.

However, Dabble offers an environment to WRITE … with it’s autofocus feature and a strong reduction in cosmetic options, such as a thousand font types and colors, you won’t be able to procrastinate.

Creation of content before presentation that is Dabble’s strength! And since they’ve partnered with the ProWritingAid, you’ll get the spell check, too.

I am writing mostly short fiction and I keep all those in a single Dabble project. Each Chapter is a short story, each scene … well, a scene. I can sort them into different themes/books/collections by adding manuscripts.

With articles, I’d guess scenes could be single articles, depending on lengths. And with the chapters and manuscripts you can sort them into different folders depending on themes or simply by date etc. When it comes to folders and sections, Dabble is very customizable. I use the plot grid and its scene notes for any notes/research for a scene or section.

In any case, make Dabble your own! Don’t try to use the features as they were intended to, if you need them to be something else for your project! :+1:


Thanks, Chris, I’ll give it a go.


I will second @Chris on this. I use it for short stories, random writing. I have on project that is literally called Randon snippets and it’s just random things in chapters scenes parts manuscripts all broken down.


I use it for more than novelling - I use it for daily journalling and use it to take notes at my writers’ group. I love the distraction free aspect, and the fact that it is backing my work up to the cloud wherever I am. I love that it is simple.

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You all raise an excellent point. Dabble is expansive enough to handle novel writing. The left hand pane is more than capable of organizing any kind of textual information in a hierarchical manner, just like Scrivener’s binder.

It never occurred to me to use Dabble to keep journals and write small articles. Of course it can used for this. DOH!

Dabble can export to DOCX part or all of a manuscript. If the default formatting isn’t suitable then I use LibreOffice Writer or Abiword to change it. If I want dual-columns then it’s simple to do a Menu→Format→Columns→2 et voila!

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