As artist being able to add artp

Their are many art programs and many scotch photography ect
NowI know of copy right infringement having been the victim and of being cheated on my art for same but adding the clause that your company takes no responsibility for Art imported on or exported off
No the intent of it or any work in clouding orbit including nor any legal or monetary infringement or intanglment persuient that such is between author artist and other involved parties that your group provide a platform for service and services and has no governing over such and that such legal proceedings between the parties involved the plat form holds no blame as it is only a tool in the like a saw holds no blame for miss use causing injury to the operator and is a tool as such responsibility for it use or abuce holds on the parties in question

Do you mean cover art or art in the text itself? If you mean cover art/character profiles/scene notes art those are planned features for the future. :slightly_smiling_face: