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This story has been in my head for years and I’m so happy to begin the offloading… this is the opening, which actually is near the end of the story, chronologically.
Meet Spencer, who turns out to be a random fisherman witnessing the sinking of the Sultana…the story will work it’s way backward through the Civil War. I appreciate your time and feedback!

Fatima, thanks again (working title)

A few miles north of Memphis on the east bank, Spencer David had just started reeling in his lines for the night. He could never arrange a quick exodus and he found himself in the hem and haw of whether to stay out longer to catch one more. He was already in trouble with his lady, but that was always the case. The cold, windy breeze that had just stirred off the Miss had clearly made up Spencer’s mind. He had turned away from the bank to review his sprawling camp. He always brought so much more than he needed and found himself questioning where he should begin to pack up. In that parallel moment, plus a moment or two, the brightest of white lights lit up the camp and the entire forest leading to the bluff above him. His first thought was that morning was nigh, which quickly changed to questioning a sun that was rising from the West. Stunned and whiskeyed, he turned about face to find that the great river was on fire.

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Welcome to the community Aaron. What kind of feedback are you looking for? When you say Spencer David is a random fisherman do you mean he is not a major character in your novel? If he isn’t can you tell us what you were intending this opening paragraph to do so that we can weigh in on if it does that or not for us?

Thanks and again welcome and congratulations on starting your story.

I love that! Thank you!

He has no other place in the story… there were many people on the riverbanks that experienced the Sinking of the Sultana from the shore… it could be the storie’s gift… but it might also not be the opening chapter.

I appreciate you reading!

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