Book I think might offend people

I have an idea about a World War Three book but since this event hasn’t happened yet, I feel like some people might be offended if they see their country on the “bad side” of the fictional conflict.

So, on things like this, odds are most people aren’t going to care one way or another as long as you don’t touch on things that are too real at that moment. At the moment, things are a bit tense, but odds are the current situation will be past long before the manuscript is ready to go public.

That said, decide which countries you want to target as your primary market. Those countries probably shouldn’t be presented as “the bad guys,” just in case.

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Ok, thanks

I agree with burlingk. Go for it. Consider making it more about the characters and specific conflict than about the politics. Avoid stereotypes. Maybe pick a currently peaceful country that goes bad somehow.

Thats what I was thinking of. The story is a story of redemption and heroism, not politics.
Thanks for the help!

Or, consider having good countries with one or more bad actors, such as military chiefs, politicians, etc. That way you could make otherwise good countries look bad, and conversely, generally bad countries look good. In reality, I don’t think there are any truly bad countries in the world, just bad leaders.

Thanks for the help!

Absolutely go for it. You are writing fiction anyway.

If you are really worried about offending somebody then consider writing under a nom de plume.

I home schooled my children and we read so many novels that they would have never read in traditional school and one of those was “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. A long book filled with the true darkness of surviving a nuke. It hurt, raw honesty of what a nuke would leave us with. Now 2 yrs later I’m so glad I pushed us to read it, stay engaged and finish it because they talk differently about a ww 3. It might be tough, but if you feel called to do it then it might be what people need.

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Hi litter has all ways been for free thinkers and the right to express opinions and knowing no matter what some fool will all ways take objections to what they read good bad indifferent
Being a coddler of sentiments is not what writing is if it wasn’t for difference of opinion expression of idea of moralistic stand of beliefs their would be no point in writing
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Write what you feel what you believe if you frame ridicul write under Nondelaplume a false name but write make people feel make them think make them fear make them believe make them understand it is your calling as a writer your duty to humanity to expand the bounds of the mind and make people use their brain

                          Sincerely R.L. Griffin

Thank you and I am gay