Book Idea I'm not sure about

If I were to write a six book series about five girls that find out about magical powers and soulmates would you read it? Each book would center on a different girl and a different realm they discover; such as, fae, elven, vampire, etc. Is this an idea that people would be intersted in reading or am I just out of luck?

To answer your question. Depends I might not read teen romance however dark and gritty can still have a happy ending

This might not be the right question. Personally, I probably wouldn’t. The premise sounds interesting, but odds are I wouldn’t look for it (I only read a small amount of fantasy) or find it randomly (pretending we didn’t know about it from here…smile). But that has nothing to do with whether it is a good idea or not. There are gazillions of good books out there that I won’t read due to my time or the book’s discoverability.

The better question is this: is there a group of people out in the world that would read it? I think the answer to that is yes. There is a huge market for fantasy, especially when you consider all the different variations (middle grade, young adult, adult, light, dark, urban, etc.).

If it is a story you want to tell, then write/publish it. You’ll need to figure out how to find your readers, but we all have that problem. Remember this truth: your readers, whoever they are, can’t find your book if you don’t write it.


As presented, there isn’t enough information for most people to decide. What are your exact concerns?

What genre do you expect it to be in? What sort of plot line?

I’m thinking New Adult, there are some battle scenes as well as romance (true mates trope), prophecy trope will be in there as well. But would a group of people be interested in a series where each book focuses on a new person? Sure the characters are all introduced in the first book and will make re appearances in the others, and the major story line is spread throughout all six books, but should I write as a series or stand alones that inter connect?

Sounds like Bridgerton … They are a series of books that all focus on the same group of people with each book focussing on a particular sibling of the main family … It’s also on Netlix now …