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How do ya’ll come up with your book titles? Do you name your novel after it’s finished, before you’ve even started it, or in the middle of writing? Or do you have to really brainstorm to get one? Do any of you have to use generators or do titles come to you randomly? I would love to hear your input! :grinning: Cheers!
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Most of my work I have a working title before I start. It’s usually a tag line that inspires the book. And sometimes they get renamed as I write or years later when I’m editing. I’ve had a title for one book, that I moved to another book cause it was a better fit and had to rename the first. My original series books all had a theme but they’ve sort of lost that theme now as the years have changed the story through editing.

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I usually don’t have a title when I start outlining, but I like to have one picked out before I start actually writing. I don’t use generators, because the title needs to work well with your story and a generator will never really know your story enough to give a good title. For series, I like to hold a theme across all of the books (like in my sci-fi series it’s item + roman god “The Sword of Jupiter” “The Trumpets of Mars” and so on)

Sometimes they just come to me and other times I brainstorm with friends (especially when I get stuck and can’t think of anything)

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I agree! I tried a generator once, and realized it just wouldn’t work. :woozy_face:

I have to do this ALLL the time, lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you tried any title generators?
If so can you share your experiences?

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@Johannes_Rexx So, I’ve tried a couple of these generators and others: Book Title Generator | 1000s of random book titles
Book Title Generator • The Ultimate Bank of 10,000 Titles . Mostly, the titles were cool but they made no sense with my novel. The only thing I’d say that was helpful about generators is the inspiration they give for other titles. For example, one title they give may lead me to think of a better one that actually works. :upside_down_face:

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Do you trad books to publish and make copies

I know this thread is quite dated, but I just thought I’d add my input.

Book titles are very difficult to conjure up—even more so than character names.

And for that reason, I tend to play for time with them.

I wait until the outline of my book(s) is entirely flushed out before I even think about a title.

When (inevitably) the time comes, I think of the key aspects of the plot and throw them around until I get somewhere close to a decent title. And although that may sound like a relatively quick process—it’s not.

In short, I take pieces of my book and place them in the title. A good example would be the Harry Potter series; each book’s title is of something from the book (Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, etc.)

Happy writing! :sunny:

@TheWriteAdvice you are making a lot of sense! When I see a list of book titles those few words per book have to sell it. “Terraforming the Moon” suggests good reading. “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” not so much :wink:

On the other hand I remember a James Bond movie, one with Timothy Dalton in it, entitled The Living Daylights. When you watch the movie it turns out James Bond refers to scaring the living daylights out of somebody. They based the movie title on that meaningless phrase!

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