[bug report] Can’t rename Chapters from dockside

After the new release the following is happening:

  • I create a new Chapter folder.
  • I choose Rename chapter from the menu in Dockside, it opens up editable field for the name, I type in something, I press Enter, the editable field closes.
  • The line I typed stays in the Chapter name field in the Dockside, but doesn’t change in the main area.
  • Notifications cycle between “Syncing up” and “Synced”, signifying that a change had been made, BUT
  • After I click anywhere else, the name in the Dockside reverts back to what it was before. Notifications for Syncing show up again.
    Only changing the name field for Chapter in the main text area keeps the changes.
    Also, I could open up Chapter name field for editing by double clicking before, but cannot do that anymore, not sure if it’s a bug or a feature.

I am experiencing this on iPad, latest iOS version, Safari browser.

Also seeing minor glitches when I try to select something in the main text area - it wouldn’t select for like 3-4 tries but then suddenly works normal - but that is secondary.

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Hi CroiCroga,

As a workaround, I found that if you click into the name, rename it, press enter, and then click away/sync, it will stay named. You might try that so that you can work while waiting for this to be fixed. You’re right that it’s not intuitive behavior. Same thing happens in iOS and I messaged support about it to let them know it’s happening.

This seems to happen if you have the chapter open while you edit the name. As long as you don’t have the chapter open you can edit it and it will take effect.

The bug is currently under investigation and we hope to have a fix out to you all soon.