[Bug Report] Dabble 2.0.2 sync issues

Hi Jacob & fellow dabblers!

Congratulations on the mobile release, I’ve really been looking forward to using Dabble on the go.

I am having a couple of issues with the new v2.0.2 Dabble though. It seems to get stuck when syncing any changes. The loading icons keep spinning and the word count at the bottom of the screen constantly flashed between -1 and -2 words.

Also having a few issues where a chunk of a sentence will disappear and then reappear in a different position along the line so it’s mixed up.

Another strange issue where a word will duplicate when you select the end of any word. (This might be related to the sync though rather than that).

I’m on iOS 13.4 and it happens both after I’ve added it to the home screen and in the Safari browser.

Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks again for the release, really been looking forward to v2!

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Thank you Jack! I believe there is an issue with syncing word counts that is causing the syncing shenanigans. I will be investigating further.

These other issues I haven’t seen or had reported before. I will have to look into that further as well. You don’t by chance have an old version of Dabble open on a computer with the new version open on your device do you?

No, it’s only open on my local device. I did realise I had it open in my browser and as a home screen app at the same time.

Unfortunately, I get the same issues when I close the tab on the browser and reload the home screen PWA.

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You might try signing out of Dabble and back in. I will continue working on this on my end.

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Signing out, force closing apps and windows then logging back in didn’t work I’m afraid. Thanks for looking into it though, let me know if I can do/test anything to help out.

Edit: Not sure if OS is relevant but I upgraded to iOS 13.4.1 overnight and it’s still the same as it was yesterday on iOS 13.4

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Really sorry if this is bugging you - feel free to ignore! Just wanted to add that the duplication issue happens when my phone is in Flight mode so might be something happening when it’s being saved to the local state (if you’re using a local state management for your PWA that is)?

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I’m seeing this as well.

I’ve got Dabble up on both a Macbook and an iPhone open to the same scene. On the Macbook I add some text at the front and hit Enter. A few seconds later that text appears on the iPhone but it appears twice.

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@Jack and @Johannes_Rexx, could you update to the latest (v2.0.19) and let me know if this is still happening? I super appreciate it!

Hi Jacob,

I’m on v2.0.20 at the moment and it’s stopped duplicating the text. Thanks! It looks like it syncs fine the first time but any subsequent changes, the status at the bottom hovers on “pending changes” for a while then goes to an “Error Syncing” message.

It turns out that Dabble updated itself to version v2.0.20 on both the macOS Desktop app and the iPad Safari version.

But success! I can make changes on either machine and they propagate correctly to the other one in just seconds.

But as for the iPhone Safari browser test (and the DuckDuckGo browser too), well Dabble just sits there stuck on Syncing so nothing updates there.

Update I was able to clear out DuckDuckGo’s tabs and cache and that let Dabble continue properly. I also cleared browser data and cache in Safari and that too let Dabble update and continue properly.

So defeat is firmly grasped in the jaws of victory! The update fixed the problem we were having.

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Just an update. I just went through these steps:

  • Removed Dabble from my home screen
  • Cleared all Dabble data from Safari
  • Signed back in using Safari
  • Added Dabble to my home screen again

It looks like it might be working fine now! Changes are showing up across laptop, mobile (safari) and mobile (home screen app) and no more duplication.

Thanks a lot for looking into this one! I’ll add a new post if I come across any other issues.

Edit: I did just notice something on the Goal widget within a project. I think it needs to be words instead of word here:


Thanks again!

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Thanks Jack! That will be fixed in the next update.