[Bug Report] Dabble 2.0.3 - Misc Bugs/Features

Hi @Jacob . Love the new release. It is EPIC and a testament to how awesome a developer you are. You are so responsive and thoughtful, so please understand I’m thrilled with Dabble Writer and you.

That said, here are a few bugs I found (but I still love the update!)

  1. On iOS (iphone and iPad - latest iOS update) When I go to plot grid and create a new card and expand it. Then when I type the title, after the first character typed the cursor insertion point defaults to the left of the character I just typed so that “Test” ends up spelled as “estT.” This is reproducible also on ipad.

  2. The focus fade-away option only seems to work once per instance of the app. When I first launch the app and type, the focus mode fades everything away. As soon as I cursor around and everything comes back, it won’t re-initiate upon further typing.

  3. Still having sync issues on iOS. Hangs on Uploading. Sometimes a closeout and relaunch gets the app to sync. Other times, I’ve lost the text I typed. It seems up in the air. I haven’t experienced the same issues on the PC side, just on iOS.

  4. This isn’t a bug, but would love to get the option to have a header on MS Word export. Industry standard is (AUTHORLASTNAME / SHORTTITLE / 1) whereby 1 = page number.

  5. MS Word export should have the option for first line of every new chapter/post-scene-break is NOT indented. This is true submission standard formatting.

Besides these small items, this new update is INCREDIBLE! Way to go! I have now fully moved over from my past apps (Highland, Scrivener).


Hey @CaptainCreate!
Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean, Dabble already supports point 5 on your list.

If you select your project settings (example is on desktop but you can do this on mobile and web as well) which is the gear icon at the top of your left hand sidebar:

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 11.55.39 am

You then get the option (you have to scroll down to the next page) to select Book Style for your formatting, which removes the indent for the first paragraph of each scene, but leaves the indent for all following paragraphs.

I don’t use Word, but exporting to Text retains the first line not being indented.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m loving the mobile feature rollout myself. Only issue I’m having is that my phone-stand only supports landscape mode, and the dabble app seems to only support portrait mode.

Is there a chance that landscape mode can be added to the app?


I have a bug where, when I try to rearrange chapters, I get a plot grid error. It only happens when I move the lowest chapter upward, or try to move upper chapters down toward the end.

Also, in the mobile (iPad), the typing lags. It might be my device (it’s an iPad Air–like the original Air, haha) or maybe I type too fast (93 words per minute). But it is an issue. I have to wait for the text to catch up before I hit enter to go to a next line. Also, the quotation marks face the wrong way when you start a new line of dialogue.

That’s all I’ve seen so far.

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I have been making a lot of fixes over the past several days (and getting behind in the forums). :smiley: I think all the issues listed have been fixed. Please let me know if you are still having trouble with any of them after you are updated to v2.0.19.

The Word export does not respect the project font/style settings. I can look at making the manuscript export skip the indent on the first paragraph of each chapter/scene. Page headers are also common, and though easily added, they would be nice to include.

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The app supports landscape mode. I can use either on an iPhone. It may be a limitation of the phone or OS maybe?

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The errors should be fixed for rearranging chapters. Let me know if you still have issues.

For large scenes/chapters lag may occur. It may help to just work on a scene at a time instead of a larger chapter, or to split large scenes up (e.g. 10k-15k word scenes are quite large and may be slower).

I will work on performance improvements for larger scenes in time.

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Great! Thank you, Jacob!

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Spoke too soon… the issue is still present even after downloading the latest update.

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I’m using an iPhone and Dabble running in Safari rotates automatically when I rotate the instrument. This is true when I’m viewing projects, editing and when using the plots.

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On my iPad I am not seeing the plot grid error. NOTE that the current version as I write this is v2.0.21.

The way I test is to long press on a plot rectangle until it “feels it”, then drag it to another spot and let go. The sync process with my iPhone is very fast, on sub-second scales.

Jacob is on fire :smile:

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Curious. On my iPad in Safari I can do the long press on a plot rectangle and drag it around. On my iPhone in Safari the long press does not work at all. All I can do is pan the plot grid around. This is on v2.0.21. I am confused by this. Both machines are up-to-date.

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Dabble uses drag-drop capabilities provided by the browser. Apple’s new iPadOS now supports this, but iOS still does not. Desktop browsers have for a long time.

I will need to add workaround solutions to mimic the functionality as it should be on iOS, at least until they add it themselves, if they ever do.

I was able to add chapters/scenes in your project on the latest. Try again?

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I can add chapters and scenes, but I have a working folder (see crappy circle in the image below) that I use while I’m drafting short stories. When I try to move the completed stories/chapters out of that folder, I get the error.

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I also had this issue. I had to empty the trash and then I was able to move scenes and chapters around without the Plot Grid Error. Maybe this will help.

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I use android. When I open Dabble in the chrome app it can change to landscape, but when I use the paged web app, for some reason it doesn’t allow the screen to rotate, and I have no idea why.

I know its a small problem and I’ll probably just end up using the chromeapp instead of the dabble app for my mobile needs for now.

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This is a bug on some Android versions for the installed app. It doesn’t allow landscape. :slightly_frowning_face: I’m not sure if it is fixed in the latest versions or not.