[bug report] full-screen and distraction-free modes on iOS15 devices broken

Hello, this has probably happened since the last update or the one before, because it’s been happening for less than a week.

I have an iPad Pro and an iPhone, both latest iOS 15 version, and I am experiencing that on both devices the full-screen AND the distraction-free modes are not working.
I have tested in Safari and Chrome apps, both latest versions available.

The distraction-free button (for clarification - I mean the one with the eye) does not toggle its mode now, pressing it just yields nothing, so it’s completely broken in both browsers.
The full-screen mode button doesn’t work in Chrome at all, nothing happens at pressing it.
The screen estate is mostly covered with iOS and Chrome GUI, taking up to half of the space, so it’s not comfortable to use the app.

The full-screen mode in Safari does turn on, but it appears to be broken because the blinking indicator of where the text would be appearing next is not showing. It looks like this:

Word suggestions at the bottom of the screen suggest that a text edit mode is on, but no blinking indicator is shown. It appears again only out of the full-screen mode.

Sometimes when I try to toggle the full-screen mode iOS complains that an app is trying to use a keyboard in full-screen and shouldn’t be allowed to do that because it might be a malicious behavior, which I haven’t seen iOS complaining on anytime before in the months of using iPad for Dabble.

I hope this gets fixed soon or perhaps someone could recommend another browser that would still work with Dabble’s functions? I mostly lug my iPad with a keyboard case around because it’s small and easy to carry, but with the both modes not working properly, iOS’s interface is taking up a lot of screen estate and it’s frustrating.

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I had the same problem on my ipad yesterday when I was making some minor changes. (Chrome and Safari)
Strangely changing it to portrait mode restored distraction-free mode for me in Chrome - but if as you say you use a keyboard case it may not help you. (Sorry I might be assuming there but my keyboard case is landscape mode) I’m sure Jacob will be on it shortly. Perhaps a BlueTooth keyboard and portrait mode while he’s doing that?

I can confirm that iPadOS 15 disables Dabble’s full-screen and distraction-free features. Nothing happens on pressing their icons. This is true for both Safari and DuckDuckGo web browsers.
However orienting the iPad into portrait mode doesn’t help with these browsers.

Since I’ve de-Googled my life Chrome isn’t an option for me.