[Bug Report] Missing or Unclear "special discount code"

Hiya Jacob,

Just a bit of feedback and a potential bug report – I don’t actually need this code because I have the NaNoWriMo one, but it felt worth bringing to your attention.

The templates for various e-mails since my current subscription lapsed repeatedly mention a discount, with phrases like “Don’t forget to check your billing account for a special discount code!”. The included links always just send me to the login page, and the billing page itself has no visible discount code or any likely place for one to be hiding.

It might be that I’m missing it, but if I am, I’m sure others are as well! As I said I’m happy using the NaNo code, but I thought it was worth giving you a heads up for the benefit of users joining after NaNo.

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I have the “Apply a Coupon” directly under “Change Plan”, hence, I guess, you first need to “Select Plan” in order to be able to use a discount code on it … in the end, I have this on NaNo discount for three years, so I don’t remember how it started :smiley: .

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Thank you for bringing that to my attention Emma. There is a special discount for first-time trial users that gives a special discount. It seems my marketer hire is sending out emails to re-trials in addition to new customers. I will look into this. Thanks again!

Makes perfect sense, cheers Jacob!

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