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Camp NaNoWriMo


Besides the main NaNoWriMo event each year in November, there are the Camp NaNoWriMo events in April and July. Who’s participating?
What is your MO during these free-form events? Do you prepare differently? Do you use it to continue, revise and edit or write something original from scratch?

It’s gonna be my second time and I only did a 10k goal the first time, so I am upping my game to 25k this time, finally allowing myself to write new stuff again after two months of unmotivated editing.

It would be great to have a dedicated Dabbler Cabin!
We could exchange not only WIP and motivation, but also tips and tricks on Dabble or just tell each other how beautiful and smooth it is :wink: .
Who’d be interested in that? - Though I am already invited to a fanfiction cabin this April :smiley: , I’d be happy to open one up in July!


Camp NaNoWriMo?

I think it would be great to have a dabbler cabin! I plan on participating this April and continue to work on my project from November since I didn’t get a chance to finish. But I know I’ll be around to do this in July as well.



I will be continuing with whatever project I’m on at the time. I’m hoping it’s the last of the complete rewrites to the series I finished a year ago. But we’ll see. I may still be on the same one I’m working on now.

Or working on both.

I created a Dabbler Cabin. You can send me a PM on Camp Nano Or post your info here and I’ll send an invite. (my profile)



Great AJ! Maybe I switch cabins when my current one gets fuller :wink: .



Once the NaNoWriMo website redesign is finished we will have automatic word submission for the camps too, not just November. They are hoping it will be done by July’s camp, but we will see.



that’s awesome. can’t wait for that @Jacob

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I’m already in a cabin, but I think a Dabbler cabin is a great idea!

Assuming I finish the re-write I’m working on now, I’ll be editing this camp. Hoping to be able to give this to beta readers in May while I work on re-writing the next book in the series.

@Jacob, that’s exciting! I’m so looking forward to the new NaNo site, I’ve been playing with the preview and it’s very nice.

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I’m already in a cabin, but I think a Dabbler cabin is a good idea. I plan to write a sequel to my November 2018 NaNo novel, (which I need to edit).

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Great, I hope, by July we can have a joint Cabin - you have been warned :warning:!
Is there a limit on the number of people in a cabin??

I am looking forward to define my Camp goals within Dabble and have my word counts updated automatically. The new NaNo site looks very good, I have migrated my projects already. I guess, ANY type of writing goal on the new site can be linked to update with Dabble in the future, no?

They said, by this November, the new site will go live and I love that we’ll be able to define several goals to a single project.

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I’m unsure about that. They are working very hard on it, so I haven’t wanted to distract them with questions about API updates.

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I created a Dabbler Cabin. You can send me a PM on Camp Nano Or post your info here and I’ll send an invite.

Since there have been no takers I’m going to opt out of the cabin. I will start one up if any are confirmed to join before the random assignments in a few days.

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I just signed up for the April camp. I’d rather be in a Dabble cabin than a randomly assigned one, and would love to swap tips and tricks. I just discovered the new plot grid function – wish I’d had that before I started Draft 2 of my current WIP! But I’ll get some juice out of it before I finish the draft – Camp Nano will help me get there.

My camp profile is here.

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alright invitation sent.

Have it reopened since there is at least one other person now.

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I will be doing a edited continuation of a WIP from my MFA class. I would like to have a Dabble cabin! My ID is M.E.Gosla



@Mahalia_Edwards it says you haven’t created a project yet I can’t invite you

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I just created it. It vague but i wanted to make sure something was there.



@Mahalia_Edwards invited

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I’m going to use the April 2019 Camp for editing the draft of a novel. This is a good opportunity to get some focus going. I don’t visit the Camp NaNoWriMo cabins but I do keep a finger on the pulse of this month-long efforts.

Jacob tends to haunt the NaNoWriMo events by writing articles as a sponsor. This is a good haunting of course :smile:



Okay, I checked. Each cabin can be up to 20 people.
There are 10 in my cabin now, I don’t know, if there’s gonna be more when the random selection begins …
How is the Dabbler Cabin coming, @AJ_Hunter? How many people do you have? Can you drop me an invite (chrisdk)? If my cabin gets any fuller, I will switch :wink:.

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I only have 3 but I opted to make it public to get more people.

I can recreate it, and invite everyone again. I don’t know if they fill private cabins. Random selections was 3 days ago. (which is why I opted out of private)

Let me know I’ve not gotten anyone other than 3 in thus far. (Me, @Mahalia_Edwards, @Lisa_Nicholas)