Can we ask for advice on Book blurbs in here?

I’m having murders with the blurb for my first book.

Wrote one myself and commissioned some professionals to do another 3.

None of them is right. Decided I was just being too picky and that I don’t understand the process well enough. So I set up a google form to ask my beta readers some very neutral questions:

Which of these blurbs do you think best matches the book you read?
Vote for one of them that you think would get you to one-click buy it or read it through KU.?

It turned out that it wasn’t just me. They all hate the blurbs too. Or the one that matches the book accurately isn’t right but the ones that could be OK could lead to reviews that say - except that’s not the book I actually got.

Now I can’t see the wood for trees. Any tips?

Is it acceptable to post blurbs in here?
The book is not yet for sale and won’t be until spring 2022. i.e this isn’t stealth promo


HI Linzi,
I didn’t see your blurb, but I’d be happy to take a look and give feedback. Blurb writing is one of the hardest parts of being an author, but it is what will ultimately sell your book. Readers need to take a chance, especially if you’re new. I am still learning the process, so don’t consider myself an expert, but I have taken several classes and have 4 books out so far.
The only thing I can tell you without seeing your blurb is that it’s meant to SELL your book. It shouldn’t be a blow by blow about what the book is about, but rather something meant to peak the readers interest so they want to read more. Short, concise sentences work best.
Good luck!


I think the idea of sharing blurbs for feedback is a good idea …


Hello @Linzi,
My experience in the non-fiction world is that we would reach out to other writers in our space and ask for a blurb. If they agreed we would send a galley copy and hope for the best. The same worked the other way and we get blurb requests as well. I have personally turned down two books in all this time. After reading them I didn’t feel I could write something positive and as @Connieclark2011 suggests they are really to help the author sell the book by giving the potential buyer and trusted endorsement. I would guess in the fiction world it’s similar but I haven’t experienced that, yet. I wasn’t aware, for example, that you can pay for blurbs.

Found this blog today. Seems like a lot of good stuff. This article might help.


Hi @Christopher_Shockey, Sorry entirely my fault for not being clearer and then disappearing off to finish NaNoWriMo - apologies. I didn’t mean author or authority endorsements and positive quotes to be included in a blurb. I literally meant the 3 short paragraphs that form the back cover copy and the book description on online sites.

Now I have ‘won’ NaNo and given that no one seems to mind me requesting feedback I’ll post a couple of variations for help and opinions shortly.

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Brilliant thank you I’m off to read it

Congratulations on your “win” - I’m 7,705 words away so seeing your response was the distraction I was looking for. Thanks for clarifying, it makes much more sense now. Looking forward to also being done with NaNoWriMo and providing feedback.

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Oh nice one! I’m sure by the time I even type this you are closer to your 50K goal. It was my first year and I was terrified to commit to it. Even though it had been on my goal list for about 18 years. Life kept getting in the way. Now that I’m semi-retired I had no more excuses and I’m really glad I did it.
I look forward to seeing your YAY! post and although I can see it’s not your first book - I’m pretty sure it’s a precious one.

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I heard that if you are doing NaNoWriMo, you can get, I think, 30% off on your first book.

OK everyone - I commented that I liked this idea - so here is my book blurb for some feedback …

Not all murders happen in an atmosphere of gritty, Nordic noir.

With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and palm trees, the Isles of Scilly is England’s secret paradise. The most sunshine and hottest temperatures in the UK have made this small archipelago the holiday destination of choice for celebs and royalty alike.

So, with the lowest crime rate in England, and a police force of only three uniformed officers, it’s quite a surprise when someone turns up dead. Stabbed. Murdered.

The crowning of the May Queen, signalling the start of another long, hot summer, is no longer centre stage, and the islanders look at each other suspiciously. Who could have done this, and why? It can’t be a Scillonian, can it?

Ellie Pentreath discovers the victim on her way to her community radio station. When suspicion points at her fellow presenters, she knows it’s time to pause the renovation of her lighthouse and use her roving reporter skills to find the murderer, before radio silence deadens the airways.

Hopefully by now you all want to read my (as yet unfinished) book …

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Personally, I am more compelled to read a book if the blurb is short and to the point… write a couple of lines about the island and how idyllic life is there, and maybe end off with the line:
until a corpse is found
I think shorter blurbs are more professional and intrigue the reader, without revealing too much of the story. They also create a feeling of suspense.
That’s my opinion, I know not everyone will agree!

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