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Change language

Where the **** do I change the language? I swear, I went through all settings, looked at the help file, and can’t find it.

For some very bizarre reason, Dabble on my PC has American English, and now it has UK English on my Mac. Talk about consistency.

If there’s a place for language, please let me know.

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OK, I changed the language in my computer to English US, but it still doesn’t solve the problem that it seems to adapt to the language in the computer, and that can be problematic. If it’s not a feature, please consider it. Thanks.

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Actually, I changed the language in the computer and in the browser. Still same problem. It wants me to write in Canadian English and keeps marking words as having wrong spelling. But I really feel this should be Dabble specific, right? I mean, it’s very confusing to change computers and then have it all different.

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The language option is in Dabble->Preferences->Spelling and Grammar

Is that where you’ve changed it?

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No. I couldn’t find the option.

You need a better help, with a search function and listed topics. I tried to look for it, couldn’t find it because al lI saw were the themes on that page, then went to help, searched for change language, language, and nothing.

Now I see where it is.

That was the point of my question. Where is it?

I found it now. It doesn’t change the fact that you need a better help section.

I had 150% zoom on my browser (because I want to see the font bigger) and when I go to settings, it doesn’t show what’s in there and I couldn’t see it.


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I’m sorry about that @Denise. We will get it added to the help docs with pictures. Dabble will default to the computer’s OS if it isn’t manually set in Preferences.

Again, sorry!