Chapters vs parts

I’m trying to determine if a fantasy novel i’m writing should be divided into chapters or parts. How do you all feel about these two distinctions and when have you wished they would have been used or not used?

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I think if it helps clarify the storyline, they are useful. Parts are sign posts. As I am turning pages in a fiction story, I go quickly past the part page, but some part of my brain detects that this is a bigger break than a chapter. The words in the story still need to explain time going by, big changes, or others things that the reader should know.

Maybe complete the first draft before worrying about parts? Once you have the whole story in place, it might be a little clearer if parts would help. Of course, if you plot everything out ahead of time, using parts might help the thinking about your plot.

Fortunately, in Dabble, it is fairly straightforward to put them in/take them out if you change your mind. Pick one approach and keep moving, it is easy to change.

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