Character Personalities / Myers-Briggs

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I’m curious. Do any of you writers use the Myers-Briggs (16personalities) test to help form/inspire your characters personalities? If so, what are some main personalities that you have given your characters? My favorites for my main characters are ENFJ, and ISFJ. What are your thoughts?


I did it once, but I can’t quite remember.

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I have but I actually prefer enneagram types. I love this book/blog on the subject.


Ooh, cool, I’ll def have to check that out!

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I use a mix of different thing to quickly hash out a character. Not that I use a dice. First I draw up the rough edges of the character and then find what best suits them to flesh them out and give them logical responses and reactions to the world around them.

This helps me to see a characters ideal, fear, desire and vice. To see what drives them.
For example: My protagonist is a reformer. She wants to do good. But the perfectionist in her makes it difficult to be able to compromise with what she wants to achive. This sometimes leads her on a path of anger. She fears that her goals will be corrupted by compromising.

This helps me to find out how the character think, process and finds themselves in the world.
For example: My character is an ESTJ - This makes her practical and resourceful but sometimes forceful in implementing her plans. So she’s down to earth.

“Real” Alignments
To work with the protagonist and the antagonist so that they are on opposite sides of the wheel and how that motivates them. A bit D&D but it helps.
For example. In my book the protagonist is Neutral Good. By putting the antagonist in the Neutral Evil, being opposite I can discover more about their motivations and how these collides.

Wants vs needs
To see how these two gives the characters an road to travel between what they think they want vs what they don’t know they need. It builds character.

All this helps me to flesh out the character to work in a believable and logical way.


Ah, yes, Executive! that’s a wonderful personality for the mc. :upside_down_face: