Chat support not working / copy manuscript


(ETA: I got the chat window to come up after logging out, restarting, and logging in again, but will leave this here as a FYI since it was still an issue).

I’m trying to use the chat window to get in touch with support about copying a manuscript, but when I click the button, no chat window comes up. I’m using Chrome on a chromebook. I’ve tried using the app and also the website, made sure I don’t have pop ups blocked etc.

I have a 75,000 WIP that I need to duplicate and I’m trying to avoid having to copy and paste each chapter.

Any ideas for how to get the chat window to come up? Thanks.


Here is how I get to the chat support pane:

  1. Click the question mark on the top right
  2. Choose Chat with support
  3. Click Send us a message

You don’t have to copy and paste each chapter.

Export the document to Word (or text but word won’t crash if it’s too big some text editors are limited)

Then open the document copy everything.

Open your new project and in the very first scene of the very first chapter paste in the whole document.

The export should be properly formatted to import into Dabble and automatically split the story up by Chapter and Scene for you.

The only caveat here is if you removed all Chapter numbers from your original document. It’s the word Chapter that signifies you have a new chapter. A single hash tag (#) or three stars represents a scene break.

But an export should be able to be copied back into Dabble without any problems.


I’m glad @Rebecca_Addison asked this question. Somehow this feature eluded me. Thanks @Rebecca_Addison :slight_smile:


I cannot find chat support when I click on the help button. I have the first four options but chat support would be the fifth according to dabble support. Bigger problem is that 1150 words just disappeared this morning. It was there and then it was not. I checked the trash and tried the right click but no undo is available. I am coming down to the end of my novel draft and hate to have to rewrite even that 1150 words.


We got you taken care of with those words, right @Jan_C-O?

Chat is part of the Premium plan (premium support). This is why some see it and others don’t. You can always email if you need us.


Thanks. Yes all fixed now.