Copy and Paste into Dabble

Hi-my name is Georgiana and I am from Long Island, NY.

I wrote a story in Pages and copied the work. How do I paste it into Dabble? Or do I have to type directly into Dabble?

Thanks for any help.


You will have to copy each scene/chapter into dabble by hand. We do not at present have an import. It is one of the things on Jacob’s long list of features.


If it were possible for @jacob to add feature that says “Split into two chapters at this point” and “Split into two scenes at this point” it would go a long way to addressing the missing import feature.


For clarity, you don’t have to copy by retyping it, you can copy using your computer’s built-in copy-paste features. Which means specifically:

  • create a chapter in Dabble
  • select all the text in one chapter in Pages with your text cursor
  • copy the selected text, press Ctrl C to copy it (or Cmd C if you are on Mac)
  • place the cursor into the body of the chapter in Dabble (below the “Chapter X” heading)
  • paste the chapter’s text into Dabble, press Ctrl V (or Cmd V on Mac)
  • repeat for each chapter

This may help some individuals. If you already know how to do all this, ignore. :slight_smile:

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OMG! I’m from Long Island too!

I didn’t think I would ever come across a writer on here from the same area as me :sweat_smile:

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WOW! Neither did I. But, Dabble did not work out for me and I cancelled the subscription.

Are you participating in NaNoRiMo

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That’s fine, yeah I’m being a rebel this year and doing a series of shorts and also counting academic words cause I have a lot of essays due in November. I figured it would ease my stress if I counted all of my words fiction and academic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Jacob There is a quirky bug when you cut/paste sections from one chapter to another. The last sentence replicates itself. If you move it a second time, even if you removed the one replication, after the paste, you have two replications. I have had it happen for months, across multiple books, and I am not on Beta. I know it does it so I adapt, but thought you should know.


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Hey Michelle! Could you help me out with this issue?

  • what operating system and browser are you using?
  • how are you cut-pasting, e.g. right-click menu, keyboard shortcut?
  • how much & where, the entire scene, the last half, a couple lines or words? Pasting it into an empty scene, in the middle of a scene, the end of a scene?

This will really help me. Thank you @undefined6! (did you choose that username or did the forums pick it for you? I think you can update it if you want)