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Copying a project

I’m starting a second draft on a project - a significant rewrite on some sections. I was wondering if there is a way to copy an entire project and save it as a new one. I’m looking for a versioning feature so I can retain the original and make changes to a “copy.” Can this be done other than copying and pasting from one project to a new one. It’s close to 90,000 words and 55 chapters. I’m trying to avoid copying each chapter from one project to another individually.


I was just about to look in the feature request list for something like this. I as well am working on a major rewrite of a manuscript and with no ability to track changes its very difficult to track what I’m doing and where the changes are.

I honestly never liked Scriveners snapshot feature for this, but something is definitely needed.


I afraid my best choice is to download the whole manuscript and make the edits in Word using track changes. As each revised version of a chapter is completed, I’ll upload it into a new Dabble project. Not how I wanted to work, but it is the best manual resolution until the feature is added. Revision is on their list of future features. Perhaps when I am done I can run a redline comparison of the original to the revised if I want a refresher on what was taken out of the first draft.

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Versioning is coming. Unfortunately, there is no way to duplicate projects at this time. Another feature to come.

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Is there anywhere on the Dabble website where users can see up and coming feature releases?

Seems like there are quite a lot of feature requests / suggestions being made but I can’t find any anticipated release dates.

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There is no release date scheduled. But the roadmap is what’s on the plan definitely and their potential order:

Here is the excerpt:

Other Features, in order of when we would likely complete them.

  • Versioning (historical view of your project)
  • Co-authoring (working together with other authors on Dabble)
  • Images in story notes
  • Zoom (size of page and font for readability, currently the browser zoom feature can be used)
  • Editing markup (strike through, highlights, etc)
  • Plotting improvements
  • Others from the large pile of features below.
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We are working on co-authoring right now.

We don’t release dates for feature releases because they always slip. As Dabble’s developer team grows it may become more consistent allowing us to do so in the future.

If you need a project duplicated, you can put a request into support asking for it and we can do that manually for you until that feature becomes available.


Fantastic thanks for the pointer to the roadmap, apologies I’d forgotten about that


Oh, this is awesome to know! Thank you Jacob!!

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