Curly Quotes

Would you cite a reason you prefer straight quotes over curly quotes? I’m genuinely curious.

Because I too favor straight quotes. My reason? I tend to copy and paste content from place to place. I wind up with a rat’s nest of mixed straight and curly quotes. That’s messy and I don’t want a mess on my hands. It reflects badly on me.

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Probably much the same as you, I suspect. I have my Mac rigged for straight punctuation. I use Ulysses for nonfiction (where I spend most of my day), and it’s a curly-free zone.

Curly’s show up when copy and pasting from the web, so I use MassReplaceIt or Remove Smart Quotes to strip the pesky things out.

But (sadly) Dabble enforces curly’s, making it my only non-curly-free zone. I may need to see a psychiatrist if it contines much longer. :roll_eyes:

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I replied a day ago, but it looks like it triggered Akismet, which has “temporarily hidden” it until Jacob or staff “okay” it.

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