Dabble back up

We had a bug in the code causing Dabble to lock up on the loading screen when it hit September (a check for whether it was time for NaNoWriMo). If you loaded Dabble today before now, you will have seen a blank screen with the loading quote.

This is now fixed!

If this affected you, reload the page, wait for 30 seconds for the updated version to download, then reload again.

We are so sorry for this issue! It was difficult to find quickly since it affected only 1, then 2, people (who were earliest in the timezones) before hitting everyone. We appreciate all those willing to help us find the issue. Thank you!

No data was affected.


I thought it Twas me for the longest times :sweat_smile:

That was 2 months ago. Have you been having issues recently?


I just haven’t reported them.

It was two months ago or something like that.