Dabble Basic set up?

I recently tried the free trial and loved it. I bought the basic plan (and that’s all that is in the budget right now) and lost some features that were in the free trial. My fault for not reading the plan descriptions better prior to buying, but does anyone have any tips and tricks for setting a novel up with the basic plan? My main concern is just simple notes, character sketches/descriptions, etc. I did notice I could create another book within the same project and just add stuff as chapters/scenes/etc but am I missing something? Thanks in advance.


The Basic plan is geared towards those who just want to organize their manuscript and track their goals towards finishing their novel. If you want notes, the Standard plan is the best option.

However, I hadn’t thought about creating multiple books. You could have a second book be your Notes Book and have a scene for each character. You can use Parts and Chapters as folders. You do lose some of the formatting options that the Story Notes provide like bullet lists and links, but this could work if you just need basic functionality.

If you decide you really need the story notes, you can switch to the Standard plan and will be prorated so you won’t double-pay. And you can do that at any time.


Thank you Jacob. I would have liked to had the Standard plan but it’s not in the cards at this time due to other obligations, but I definitely love Dabble even at the basic level. Thanks again for your reply!


I’d just like to point out that Dabble is a sponsor for NaNoWriMo. If you participate there is a 20% off coupon and if you write 50K words by the end of November and have submitted that count by the end of the month you get 50% off.

This is how I typically pay for my accounts.

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