Dabble Basics Youtube Series

So I tweeted about this yesterday but I’ll mention it here too for those of you who
1.) Don’t follow me on twitter (@PhoenixReign95 :wink:)
2.) Don’t use twitter

Next month after I have a proper set up, I plan on doing a series on youtube on some Dabble basics (like setting goals and how to use the plot tool etc.)

I’m open to suggestions on topics to cover so if anyone has anything they’d like to see please comment below.

There is currently no videos on my Youtube Channel yet but once I start uploading some content I will share a link. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


This is awesome! (yes, I now follow you on Twitter)

  1. I think a lot of the power of Dabble is the fact that it is browser based. All the tools of the browser (zoom, bookmarks, multiple windows, desktop/homescreen icons, etc) are available. I’ve noticed a fair amount of comments here on the forum and in the feature requests that can be handled by leveraging browser features. I’m happy to help on this topic if needed.

  2. Some best practices or examples around backups, copying, exports, managing short stories, multiple projects, etc might be useful also.


I can chime in since I answer questions all the time. :slight_smile:

  • The plot grid is the biggest request for video tutorials, especially
    • How scenes in the left column are directly linked to the book
    • How it is laid out vertically to support easier scrolling on many computers since many first-timers expect it to run horizontally
  • A general overview of how each scene is a document and how they have separate fields which hold titles and body content

Those are the things that people trip on the most.


FYI, we have started a “quick reference” channel on our Dabble Discord server. @PhoenixReign will have a place to add/link videos and I was thinking of GIF type short explanations.
Check it out, if you haven’t seen it yet. In any case, suggestion made here for tutorials will be very helpful to develop this.


Just to add to what Chris said, There will be a link to a playlist this way things stay a bit more organized and for anyone who would rather read than watch the video I’m working on creating a “Guide” to go along with the video series.


this sounds like an amazing idea! I’m constantly evangelizing for Dabble and people always ask if it has a wiki, subreddit, or youtube videos. I’ll happily like upvote and share those videos.


I just wanted to give a quick update. I’m waiting on some stuff to come in still so I might not be able to post anything this month. I decided to treat myself to some upgrades this year since 2020 sucked and I feel like I deserve them lol. :joy: