Dabble freezes with Chrome ProWritingAid extension enabled

It only takes a few typed characters before the entire page freezes. I’d hoped to be able to use ProWritingAid in real-time when composing, but it’s just broken.

Reminder: I’m only using it in Chrome in the first place because the App for Mac is broken and doesn’t sync.

Can we please get this sorted? I’m excited about this novel and I just want to write.

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Hi Chet,

Have you reached out to support chat about your app? I use the app for Mac and mine’s working fine, so it might be an issue with your browser or computer.

I don’t think Chrome likes having two Pro-Writing Aid extensions running at once (the one through Dabble and the Chrome extension I mean). I have my Chrome extension turned off for Dabble and just use the spelling and grammar offered through Dabble for while I’m drafting.

Though being honest, I don’t love Pro-Writing Aid’s Chrome extension; I find it doesn’t work more often than it does for any even slightly complex site. I can use it in forums but that’s about all, and it often forgets that I have a lifetime subscription. I’ve circumvented the issue by exporting large blocks from Dabble into notepad and then copying that into the Pro-Writing Aid browser, which seems to work fine.

Hope that’s helpful!

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Dabble uses ProWritingAid for spell and grammar checking already (see Preferences). It will be best to turn off the extension for Dabble and use the built-in functionality. If you are missing any features there, let me know, and I will see what I can do about getting them added.

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Disabled PWA extention and that fixed it! I should have guessed.

The main reason I had it was to self-edit in Google docs. I compose in Dabble, but I do most of my editing in Google docs or, when pressed, Word.

I would never compose in gdocs or Word. Dabble is so much better for chapter/scene and plot cards.

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There are some ProWritingAid features I’d love to see as native in Dabble if it’s at all possible! Saying ‘all of them’ probably isn’t very helpful though… For me, the passive voice indicator, adverb tools and dialogue tools would probably be most useful.

Of course, I understand this would probably not be easy (but what do I know about creating a program? Zilch :stuck_out_tongue: ) but would love it if they and potentially other ProWritingAid features could be added to the long-term road map.


I’ll reach out to them about it.

Does this also mean that Grammarly should be off as well?

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Grammarly is ok because they support an HTML attribute that says “ignore this text area” which Dabble currently uses. But their updates this year show that it can be used with Dabble safely now, so I may enable it after some testing.