Dabble on YouTube!

Hey, I just saw Dabble’s first promotional video on YouTube:

I think it’s awesome :), well done. :+1:

Legit, right? I was very happy with how it turned out.

A great first step to a unique style that will be associated to Dabble!
Let’s face it: I love the rainbow colors :wink:.

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I love it.

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Very Nice! :+1:

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I really like how the animation look :slight_smile: It’s really great !


Two months since Dabble launched its YouTube channel.
I had a look at some competitors and see that they give some (very short) tutorials to introduce and show off the software. So what’s next for Dabble?
What would you want to see as a topic for a series of videos to introduce Dabble and its potential?

My top choice would be:

  • Structuring the work, different views and ways to manipulate that
  • Working with the plot grid and scene cards
  • also: the most unique feature of Dabble is @Jacob and I wouldn’t mind an introductory video about him, his motivation and a “behind the scenes” glimpse :smiley:

Further suggestions?