Dabble seems to be glitching

For the last couple of days I’ve been able to log into the dabble site to see my works and they show up just fine, but then when I click to open them up, the top menu bar buttons seem to be glitching over each other like the profile dropdown appears twice overhead, and the arrow to go back onto the page that shows all your WIP’s isn’t where it should be (hovering over other buttons etc).

I am also unable to click on the other sections (chapters, plot grid, story notes etc), and it only stays on the page that it opens up to.

Is there a way to fix this? Is the website as a whole undergoing maintenance maybe? That was my first guess…

You should contact support for these issues. This isn’t a support forum.

But you can try clearing your cache. Dabble updated a few weeks ago and the code in the cache if not updated correctly can make things behave unexpectedly.

If that does not work contact support and they can give you a bit more support like looking at your account specifically etc. You can email them always at support@dabblewriter.com

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Clearing my cache helped actually, thanks! And I’ll definitely reach out to Dabble support if I have any more issues

I’m glad that fixed it!