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Dabble unaffected by COVID-19, mobile coming soon

Hey Dabblers!

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from various businesses about the virus. I am sure you don’t need one from every service you use, so I’m posting here to assure you Dabble is continuing business as usual.


I built Dabble to be able to work well with minimal upkeep. All data and services are hosted by Google’s Cloud Platform which means you have Google operations experts taking care of servers, uptime, stability, and scale. Dabble could handle millions of writers using it at once (I look forward to someday proving that :smiley:). The only thing I am needed for is customer support and continued feature development. Speaking of…

Mobile Release Imminent

Mobile is coming along swimmingly. I work remote, so recent events haven’t changed much here. Only a slight slow-down (kids are home now, halp!). :wink:

I’m too excited to not share some of the updates with you. In addition to supporting smaller screen sizes and improved syncing, I’ve snuck in a few small changes:

  • resizable and collapsable sidebars
  • page count for selected doc, selected word count when selecting text
  • restyled preferences & billing
  • viewable + downloadable invoices
  • fullscreen button

And, you should get the mobile update into your hands next month! —barring any major complications (which actually, considering the current climate, wouldn’t be out of the question).

I will be reaching out to those who said they are willing to beta (and are currently subscribed) this week to start finding bugs and issues and giving feedback.

Write on

I wish you the best during these crazy times. At least if you’re quarantined at home, you can still write. Be sure to let me know if you need anything!


oh boy I can’t wait to not have an excuse not to write :sweat_smile:

I feel like this would be fun to test out since I’ve gotten into the habit of mobile writing.

and props to you for being able to get any work done while the kids are home :laughing:


Mobile will definitely help me with my writing. Though collaboration is my #1 hold back for using dabble full time. I love love love the software, but I don’t like sharing passwords so my Alpha can read as I write things. (not always concurrently but the ability to read and edit typos is big - mostly the read part I’d be good with just a link to the full scenes lol)

Can’t wait to see the mobile :slight_smile:


I’m so excited for collapsible sidebars!! I know that may seem like a strange thing to be keen for, but I can’t wait :smiley:


Mobile will help me for sure! I’m squeezing writing around writing and work and so every opportunity would help.

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I’ve bought a keyboard for my phone and ever since, I’m trying to write wherever and whenever I can! So lately, I’ve been really looking for the mobile update
But meanwhile, I’m a bit worried about my boring teachers at University. It will be such a struggle to resist the temptation to write with all that free time between two useless long stories… :sweat_smile:

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I am so ridiculously excited for mobile to go live! I really do love Dabble, and it’ll be nice to more smoothly able to use it on mobile devices (my tablet will appreciate this) and be able to reference the files if I’m working longhand out and about.

@Jacob, I hope you and everyone else here are safe and healthy.

Love to all!

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Can’t wait for mobile support. My iPad is my main device. Thanks Jacob! Would love to beta test if you need more testers and it’s not too late.

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If there are any others with a current subscription that would like to bravely join the beta program, please DM me. We could use more beta participants.