Dabble Update 4/11

So I opened up Dabble and was looking at a project. It told me I had an update (I didn’t check the version number) and… when I ran the update it now gets stuck on the initial splash screen with the inspirational quote and will not allow me to go any further.

This is only affecting the desktop version as the web version loaded immediately, requested I update it, and then displayed everything as it should.

I did want to edit to add that I attempted restarting my computer and desktop dabble is still unreachable. In the morning (it’s … like 1am here) I’ll try reinstalling it.


same here :slight_smile: I immediately came here to check the web version and if any content was lost

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It could be you had an old desktop version. Try downloading the latest from https://www.dabblewriter.com/downloads and see if that fixes things. @AerisLei, @Chris

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Yes, all working fine with a quick reinstall.

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Weird, I’d been pretty religious about updates. But yeah, a reinstall did resolve the issue. ^^

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@AerisLei, there are 2 types of updates with Dabble, one for the web app and one for the desktop app. I found the desktop app updates are not so reliable to happen automatically, though I’ve not been able to figure out why. The web updates are reliable, and that is what you have likely been updating regularly.

Sorry for the confusion.