Dabble Windows App Menu expanding and shrinking suddenly on touch screen


I just purchased Dabble as it finally has features I need. However I use a touch screen with pen. Regardless if I’m using the finger or the pend the side menu grows and shrinks suddenly on Windows desktop. It makes it very hard to select things. I really want to be able to use this offline but it takes several tries to select something or add a chapter or a scene. I don’t use a mouse or touchpad as my hands can’t manage that. Thank you very much for creating this project. I hope this issue can be resolved.

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The touch version of Dabble makes the clickable items in Dabble larger so your fingers have a larger touch-target. Because some devices are both touch and mouse (e.g. a computer with a touch screen) Dabble will change depending on the input. If you start touching the screen the click targets like the side menu get larger so you can tap on them. If you start using the mouse again they shrink back again.

It sounds like there may be a bug where they get large and small with a single touch. Is that what you are explaining? Or is it the intended behavior of things getting large and small when using touch and using the mouse? (It sounds like you don’t use a mouse, so that is what makes me think you are seeing a bug)

Could you share your environment details with me such as computer/device, OS, and browser? If you’re prefer, you can share them with me over email at support@dabblewriter.com for privacy.

Yes that is what I’m saying. I’m not switching between mouse and finger, I’m only using my finger. This isn’t happening in the browser only the desktop version. I’m using a Surface Book, with Windows 10. I use FireFox but again this doesn’t happen in browser. Thank you.

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