Dark Theme Tweak

I love the Dark Theme feature. It really helps with my eye strain, and it’s the main reason I really like Dabble.
However, whenever I try to copy and paste my content from Dabble to somewhere else, it copies the dark background as a format. I’ve gotten around that by switching off the dark theme every time I need to copy something out of Dabble, but that can sometimes be a pain.
Is there any way you can tweak the dark theme so it doesn’t register as a format or gets copied when I copy and paste?



Usually that’s the fault of the place you are copying to. Meaning that they are assuming you want the format. It happens a lot with web pages and such as well. The easiest way for you to combat that is to right click instead of ctrl+v (or the mac variation of it) and use the “paste as text” instead of the default “paste”


Thanks, AJ. I’ll do that next time.

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I could look into that though. Would you add it as a feature request to https://dabble.featureupvote.com/? I may be able to do something for it.