Does Dabble not support the CTRL+Backspace key combo?

CTRL+Backspace is one of my all-time used key combinations, for both writing and general typing. It doesn’t seem to work in Dabble, though. When I hold CTRL and hit Backspace, it just goes back by a single character.

Any way I can get this functionality of backspacing entire words through another combo in Dabble?

Edit: Other CTRL combos work. CTRL+arrow keys, CTRL+SHIFT+arrow keys both work. CTRL+Backspace doesn’t though. :frowning:

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This is a side-affect of a fix for a Chrome bug. Let me see if I can allow it without encountering the Chrome issue.

You are actually typing Ctrl del where the del key on my keyboard is the big one below the F11 and F12 function keys. My keyboard has no key labeled Backspace. And it’s supposed to backspace over a word.

I can confirm that Ctrl del does backspace over a word in Dabble.

Let me explain that I’m not being obtuse about Backspace versus Del keys. For example I always get a bit confused when I read about pressing the Enter key when the writer means the Return key. The Enter key is a big horizontal key on the main key cluster and the Enter key is located on the numeric keypad.

To add insult to injury, remember back in the day that one could type Ctrl h to backspace? Not anymore :sunglasses:

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Thanks Jacob! Much appreciated. I’m getting around it with CTRL+Shift+arrow keys for the moment but muscle memory dies hard :smiley:

@Johannes_Rexx the half dozen keyboards I’ve got scattered on my desk that have the “big one below the F11 and F12 function keys” labeled as the “Backspace” key (including a nearly 40-year-old Model M) beg to differ.

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Oh shoot, a chrome bug you say? Dang. I can remedy that by just using it in a different browser. No worries, then. If you happen to fix it, awesome, but if not I’ll just use a different browser.

Sorry to bother you, and many thanks for the fast reply!

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We’re both right. This Razer BlackWidow keyboard has a big old Del key. The other computer’s DasKeyboard keyboard just has a great big printed on its big “backspace” key.

But you have an original IBM Model M keyboard! I hoist a glass of Romulan Ale in your direction. Proost! Mechanical keyboards forever.

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