Dragon Naturally Speaking

Does anyone here use Dragon Naturally Speaking with Dabble? I know there are Dabblers who do, but I don’t know who.

How do you get it set up? I have questions about using it from time to time and could use some direction on behalf of others.

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I don’t, so I’m going to go a little off-topic here. Apologies. I was considering Dragon but it’s Windows-only now and I use a Mac. I know I could do the Parallels/BootCamp thing, but I thought I’d try out alternatives first. So, I tried the native Mac speech recognition in a text editor and I was surprised (really surprised) how accurate and efficient it was. I thought I was onto something, so I tried it directly into Dabble, but accuracy decreased considerably. I was using Chrome. Pity, because it would be a great option to have.

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I do use it on occasion I am part of the “Dragon riders” group on Facebook. So there are a number of folks out there that are probably more “Power user” than me. I have done both dictation/transcript mode and direct mic mode. My set up is a blue yeti on a boom when I record direct.
I use premium version 13 which is behind on versions. There were some issues with the newer stuff for a while so I didn’t upgrade. So the annoying thing with 13 was that it pops up the dragon dictation pad. I will be upgrading to the current version this week though and I can see how that one works.

Set up is easy, there is nothing to really do as far as other apps are concerned. mostly it’s the training and then getting used to the process. It’s more like doing a pod cast than writing as such.

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Thank you for sharing.

Well, I installed dragon 15 on my laptop (pc) and opened the desktop version of Dabble Writer. Setting up Dragon was easier than in the past. I did not have to read a ton of text to the system this time. So training was easier. In short I installed it, I set up the mic (which is just a gaming headset in this case), I opened dragon (which booted much faster) and then I opened dabble. Once the dragon pad opened in response to my dictation, I checked off the box that said “Don’t use the dragon pad for this app.” after that I just talked and the words appeared in Dabble. So no real rocket science to use with the desktop version.

It seems to be faster, but what I liked the most was I could tell the dragon notepad to go away and write directly into Dabble Writer. The accuracy seems to have gone up also, given that I didn’t train it much it had a good 97% accuracy rate.

Now it in the past the dragon suffered from brain freeze if it types directly into apps it did not really understand, so I will use it for a few days and see how stable it is. But the issue usually came up pretty fast. Given 13 was really made for windows 97-ish and this is 10 I think that helps a lot.

The issue with dictation is simply that it’s a separate skill from typing. And I use it in a stream of conscious manner. That is, I generally use it to type drafts. Trying to go through and use the editing features of Dragon I find is too slow. It takes several months to get good at it and develop a style. But then it took years to learn to type.

But 15 seems to work very well with Dabble.


I was able to add 310 words to my WIP in about 5-6 minutes, and I had to change 2 words it did not know. These are words in my book that are not dictionary words, so i will have to train them. But more often I put a non-sense word in that place and do a search and replace after the session rather than go through that trouble.


Hi guys, I haven’t been around much lately but I’m back. I use Dragon.

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