Epilogue and Prologue

It says on the website that the epilogue and prologue features have been added but I don’t know how to use them. If i change the name of my first chapter to ‘Prologue’ then the real first chapter (that comes next) still reads as chapter 2.
Thanks in advance for any help!


I’d like to know the answer to this as well! I have the same problem, as nearly every fiction book I’ve written has at least a prologue. (My current WIP uses chapter epigraphs instead.)

Hey guys,

For an epilogue or a prologue, you have to make a new chapter. Then, in the chapter title, you can write Epilogue or Prologue, or give it another name if you’d prefer. That makes it look like this:

From there, you can then click on where it says (in this example) ‘Chapter 7’. This will turn off chapter numbering, leaving you with this:

See how the ‘Chapter’ is faded?

Turning off the chapter numbering means that your manuscript chapters will then start at Chapter 1 after the prologue, and that your epilogue won’t have an ugly chapter heading you can’t get rid of. The end result will be like this:


Hope this helps :smiley:


The help docs are also a great place to find answers. They are lacking, but they do cover this one.


Maybe I should hire Tori to write my help documentation. :smiley:


I’m open to freelancing opportunities! :ok_hand::joy:

Though I think your help documents are great! They’ve certainly helped me out a few times.

I love that Tori used images!! Great job!


Thanks so much! And oh, i didn’t know there were help docs, I will look at those next time, my bad

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Thanks, Tori! That helps me a lot, for my next novel in Dabble. (I worked around it in this first one by using chapter epigraphs.)


Thank you, that was so helpful!