Exporting a Manuscript as a whole

I love that I can add multiple books into one “Manuscript,” which makes working on a series incredibly easy. Switching between the different books to reread sections is a lot faster when its all in a single manuscript. However, is there a way to export the document as a whole, say a three-book series, instead of exporting each book one by one, is there a way to export the whole manuscript - all three books - into a single large word doc that would show each book? Making formating a box set much faster.


I guess the answer is “not at the moment”. I’d support such an idea, I can see, how this would be useful.
You could see if this was suggested already:
General Roadmap https://www.dabblewriter.com/roadmap
Requested Features https://dabble.featureupvote.com/

and either add or support (upvote) this feature.


I hadn’t thought of that. Even with a series, they are published one at a time aren’t they? It would be valuable for easy backup if nothing else.

Yes, but think about creating a single file for the purpose of a box set ebook that includes all your individual novels. Currently you would have to take all your separate files, and create a new document containing each file then formate them into an ebook file that contains each book. This isn’t a huge deal, but starting out with your files combined into one file could cut down on a bit of the work before formatting the docs into a single ebook file that can be published.

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