Feature Request: Block Indentation


I’ve been a long time user of dabble for quite a while and truly love it! But that being said, I’m trying to write a scene where a letter is read by one of my characters, and really want to implement block indentation to make that clear to the reader. Currently there doesn’t seem to be any way to achieve that in dabble, which I can certainly work around for now, but even so, it’d be something I’d hope to see implemented since it is fairly common practice in fiction to need something like that.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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Hey @Chendall_Brooks! I definitely want to add custom formatting to handle things like this. Until we get to that feature, you could use the Quote functionality to set that text apart, then when you export you can adjust the appearance as you need it for the quote paragraph type. This way if you have multiple parts like that, you only have to update the formatting for it once.

I’m not sure how you should format this kind of thing for manuscript submission format. Anyone know or have resources they use they can link here for us?

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