[Feature Request] Export to EPUB?

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do you have any plans to implement functionality to export to any e-book format such as EPUB or MOBI?

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Allow me to recommend the best-in-class Pandoc command line utility, the Swiss Army Knife of format converters. It can convert a .docx file, to which Dabble exports, into just about anything else including PDF and ePub. To generate a MOBI file grab the command-line tool kindlegen from Amazon’s site.

Now I do not want to put words into Jacob’s mouth but one solution is to add export menu items that launch these command line tools. This isn’t trivial because Dabble supports Linux (via the web browser), macOS, Windows and soon it will support mobile platforms.

But given Dabble’s export to .docx feature and readily-available high-quality free file conversion tools, I would suggest documentation to guide the writer in how to use the. The writer will have to use the command line but that’s not a huge learning curve and good documentation can make that painless.

Before I sign off let me add that Calibre is also an excellent eBook file converter, it’s all GUI and it comes with excellent documentation.

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If you are on a Mac, Vellum is a great ebook creator.

But to answer your question, I would love to create an online tool to do for Dabble what Vellum does on Mac for your documents. It is a ways out however.

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